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Song Description: Meme Me 

I wanted to compliment and complement the book Meme Wars, because it feels like a very important work to help people understand and have more awareness about why digital literacy is important to our ability to participate in our democracy…

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Song Description: Simulacra We Be 

Who are we? What are we accountable for? We know too much. Are we doing enough? It's a time of opportunity and a time of redemption. Is it real or is it just a simulation. Either way we let this…

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Song Description: Talkin' About Bob Barker 

I wanted to honor Bob Barker. I felt a connection to him. We were both born in South Dakota. I also really appreciated his calm and steady presence in my life personally through his hosting of The Price is Right.…

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Song Description: Squeak 

The hook for this song, 'I am the Squeaky Wheel, I get the grease...' was inspired by a conversation I had. It was a very positive squeak in that case. The narrator of this track turned out to be a…

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Song Description: Revolution Live Stream 

This one is an homage and an acknowledgement. Every revolution gets co-opted. It all feels free at first and then it eventually feels like a trap. We are dreaming and we are screaming all at the same time.

Song Description: Protect 

This song started from a bass sound. I channeled that vibe into a story. It was my opportunity to think about what I would tell people of the next generation based on what I've learned. 

Song Description: Navigate Reality 

The inspiration for this was the Ray Bradbury story, All Summer in a Day. The song narrator is the hero. She's been put in this terrible position, but she's determined to find the truth without hating the people who…

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Song Description: Skate Key Happiness 

This song was a fun experiment with words. Similes of happiness. It's filled with random and nostalgic elements from my whole life that assemble a collage that gives me deep and layered happiness. It's about moments of joy. I hope…

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Song Description: Word Spill 

This song is my abstract story about how I got so deeply into creating this music of mine. I imagine I'm not alone in the journeys I describe in the song, they should be familiar to anyone who has tried…

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Song Description: Love Exposed  

I've always imagined myself hosting a talk show. My friend Kevin and I used to talk about it. We had guests. We talked about our imaginary trips to Egypt. I my talk show idea and imagined the conversations with a…

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Song Description: FT Bullies (Explicit) 

Bullies have been on the rise in recent years and personally I've had enough of this behavior. I'm the kind of person that know we have more resources in America then we act like and I don't think some people…

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Song Description: Weather Radar 

This track is full of memory about growing up and living in the Midwest and irrationally fearing the tornadoes that would come through every summer. A child's mind can twist up things in ways we don't predict. It's also full…

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Song Description: Paper Trail 

In America, our vote is our power. It might seem archaic, slow, irrelevant....etc. But do not let anyone trick you into thinking that. It is OUR POWER. The vote is the power of the people. We deserve the right to…

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Song Description: JF Body Count Song Description 

Hasn't it always seemed a little suspicious to you that Cabot Cove, the hometown of Jessica Fletcher, had so many murders? The town population was ​3,560. The town had 268 murders during the 12 years of the show which would…

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Song Description: UAB AOL 

The Unauthorized Biography of Archers of Loaf is a tribute song to my favorite band. I love the detuned nature of their sound art and another one of the reasons they are my favorites is that after years and years,…

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Song Description: Don't Freak Out 

When my dog was a puppy, he would freak out by scratching a very specific rug. It made such a specific and interesting sound, I recorded it and sampled it. I would also soothe him and tell him, 'Don't Freak…

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