About the tracks

The Unauthorized Biography of Archers of Loaf is a tribute song to my favorite band. I love the detuned nature of their sound art and another one of the reasons they are my favorites is that after years and years, they are still making music. And just when you think they are done, they come back again. They were going on tour in 2020 and coming to my town. This was one of the biggest disappointments of 2020 for me, but I'm grateful they are still making music. 

JF Body Count 
Hasn't it always seemed a little suspicious to you that Cabot Cove, the hometown of Jessica Fletcher, had so many murders? The town population was ​3,560. The town had 268 murders during the 12 years of the show which would have made it the murder capital of the world. Neither residents nor visitors were safe from this dangerous, sleepy town. So I wrote a song about what might have really happened. 

Paper Trail 
In America, our vote is our power. It might seem archaic, slow, irrelevant....etc. But do not let anyone trick you into thinking that. It is OUR POWER. The vote is the power of the people. We deserve the right to have this democracy participation act counted and counted accurately. This song is my clarion call for a Paper Trail to ensure this for our votes, an accurate count. Without it, do we really have a democracy?

Weather Radar 
This track is full of memory about growing up and living in the Midwest and irrationally fearing the tornadoes that would come through every summer. A child's mind can twist up things in ways we don't predict. It's also full of reflection on how technology fits so seamlessly into our lives and helps us too without us realizing it. 

FT Bullies (Explicit) 
Bullies have been on the rise in recent years and personally I've had enough of this behavior. I'm the kind of person that know we have more resources in America then we act like and I don't think some people should keep others down. When I heard the song Bully from Department of Darkness off their 2018 release, Department of Darkness, I thought it was the perfect track to respond to with my thoughts on the topic and wrote FT Bullies. 

​Don't Freak Out 
When my dog was a puppy, he would freak out by scratching a very specific rug. It made such a specific and interesting sound, I recorded it and sampled it. I would also soothe him and tell him, 'Don't Freak Out.' That message resonated with him and the sound from his rug scratching was such a good combination of inspiration that I made a song. Hopefully it resonates with you right now too, it seems like we could all get some comfort from hearing it.