Lit-Hop Lessons

MC Evol

Born in the pandemic and brought to life from nearly 100 sketches created for the Lit-Hop Academy lessons. MC Evol is excited to share her first full album.
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About the Tracks

Love Exposed  
I've always imagined myself hosting a talk show. My friend Kevin and I used to talk about it. We had guests. We talked about our imaginary trips to Egypt. I my talk show idea and imagined the conversations with a couple of guests who could talk about humanity and love.  

Word Spill  
This song is my abstract story about how I got so deeply into creating this music of mine. I imagine I'm not alone in the journeys I describe in the song, they should be familiar to anyone who has tried to create something. It helps me remember you just have to keep showing up to do the work to get to something good. This song gives me that energy.  

Skate Key Happiness  
This song was a fun experiment with words. Similes of happiness. It's filled with random and nostalgic elements from my whole life that assemble a collage that gives me deep and layered happiness. It's about moments of joy. I hope this song makes you think of your moments of joy.  

Navigate Reality​  
The inspiration for this was the Ray Bradbury story, All Summer in a Day. The song narrator is the hero. She's been put in this terrible position, but she's determined to find the truth without hating the people who have blocked her from thriving. ​ 

This song started from a bass sound. I channeled that vibe into a story. It was my opportunity to think about what I would tell people of the next generation based on what I've learned.  

Revolution Live Stream   
This one is an homage and an acknowledgement. Every revolution gets co-opted. It all feels free at first and then it eventually feels like a trap. We are dreaming and we are screaming all at the same time.   

The hook for this song, 'I am the Squeaky Wheel, I get the grease...' was inspired by a conversation I had. It was a very positive squeak in that case. The narrator of this track turned out to be a much more negative squeaker. It's valid to think about the spectrum of squeakiness. Sometimes it's really important to speak up and sometimes it's really self involved. Context matters!   

Talkin' About Bob Barker   
I wanted to honor Bob Barker. I felt a connection to him. We were both born in South Dakota. I also really appreciated his calm and steady presence in my life personally through his hosting of The Price is Right. I'm grateful for Bob Barker and thought a song should be written about him.   

Simulacra We Be   
Who are we? What are we accountable for? We know too much. Are we doing enough? It's a time of opportunity and a time of redemption. Is it real or is it just a simulation. Either way we let this happen. But did we have a choice?