Song Description: Not Normal Distributions 

Desperate times call for desperate actions. The Supreme Court struck down women's right to direct their own health and I responded with this track. These are desperate times. Making it illegal to take care of a woman's health won't stop…

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Song Description: Unwise 

I wrote this song as a way to give voice to the frustration and utter sadness gun violence in America causes today, It's a complete failure to the school children and young adults in our society. We need a change…

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Song Description: S.P.I.C.E. 

S.P.I.C.E. was born at a dinner with my friends and colleagues. We had some specific things to work through and it was very cathartic to come up with and acronym for what was ailing us. I had just started making…

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Coming Soon

I've been spending time taking some classes in mixing and mastering and remixing. I'm brewing up some new releases soon. 

  • S.P.I.C.E. is a song that was inspired and created by an amazing group of women from my life. 
  • Latchkey Kids…
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Song Description: Meme Me 

I wanted to compliment and complement the book Meme Wars, because it feels like a very important work to help people understand and have more awareness about why digital literacy is important to our ability to participate in our democracy…

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Song Description: Simulacra We Be 

Who are we? What are we accountable for? We know too much. Are we doing enough? It's a time of opportunity and a time of redemption. Is it real or is it just a simulation. Either way we let this…

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Song Description: Talkin' About Bob Barker 

I wanted to honor Bob Barker. I felt a connection to him. We were both born in South Dakota. I also really appreciated his calm and steady presence in my life personally through his hosting of The Price is Right.…

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Song Description: Squeak 

The hook for this song, 'I am the Squeaky Wheel, I get the grease...' was inspired by a conversation I had. It was a very positive squeak in that case. The narrator of this track turned out to be a…

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Song Description: Revolution Live Stream 

This one is an homage and an acknowledgement. Every revolution gets co-opted. It all feels free at first and then it eventually feels like a trap. We are dreaming and we are screaming all at the same time.

Song Description: Protect 

This song started from a bass sound. I channeled that vibe into a story. It was my opportunity to think about what I would tell people of the next generation based on what I've learned. 

Song Description: Navigate Reality 

The inspiration for this was the Ray Bradbury story, All Summer in a Day. The song narrator is the hero. She's been put in this terrible position, but she's determined to find the truth without hating the people who…

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